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What is MLM Calculator?

Unlike an Excel sheet where you can execute only simple mathematical calculations, our MLM calculator is a comprehensive web based software that takes into account various complex parameters that can impact a network marketing business.

  • As a result, we provide you an opportunity to simulate your binary business plan in real time and forecast more realistic and accurate results with respect to income calculation, sales projections and associate hiring
  • Since ours is a web-based binary plan MLM calculator, you need not download or install anything on your computer
  • For complex and advanced calculation that cannot be found on any binary calculator, you can get help from our team of highly experienced MLM consultants
  • The inputs (values) shared by the users are entered into our binary calculator in real-time for more accurate results.
  • We are amongst the pioneers in the industry and are the first to launch an MLM calculator app to empower you with the necessary information at your finger tips to facilitate in better decision-making
  • Our time-tested calculator has successfully executed more than 5000 calculations with over 95% accuracy over the last 5 years
MLM Calculator


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An MLM calculator is a vital tool in the hand of an MLM business or MLM professional to compute or forecast your income based on the number of associates recruited and sales projections.

Amongst many other things, it can also help you calculate how many associates to hire every month to meet your sales target after taking into account the dropout rate. So, in essence, it facilitates in evaluating where you are viz. a viz. where you want to be, so you can take the necessary steps to bridge the gap and get closer to your goal of achieving success in multi-level marketing.

Here are some common factors that necessitate the use of MLM calculator:

  • Most MLM companies fail to release the promised payout since they realize the loss only after few months of starting of their MLM business
  • In a binary income plan, as the team grows, it becomes practically impossible to calculate profit & loss on a sheet of paper
  • It is difficult to decide the right combination of joining amount, pair match, ceiling and depth to frame a profitable and attractive MLM business plan


To get started, you simply need to enter the following details on our binary calculator. You can use this website or download our mobile app (click here). We recommend that you use our mobile app so that you can get instant notifications about your plan calculations.

  • Email address - This will be your registered email ID and using this you can submit more and more business calculations. Also, this email ID will be your user name and it will allow you to login to check your calculations. If you have already registered, then you can provide the same email ID and your new calculation will be automatically added to your existing account.
  • Full Name - We love to greet you by your name!
  • Country - Enter your current location.
  • Mobile number - it will help us to send notifications about your plan calculations.
  • Time Frame - You can select Daily, Weekly or Monthly time frame. This is the time period when binary commission will be calculated for your given business values.
  • Registration Target - Here, you can choose the value that you expect our system to auto register daily for business plan calculations.
  • Company Structure or Company Id's - This will allow you to inform our calculator about the number of registrations that you want to reserve for company. You can input any number here and our system will consider those many initial registrations as company ID's.
  • NOTE: All payouts to this ID's will be considered as company money and it will add on to your profits, if any.

  • Pair Match -  In binary plan, all the calculations are based on pairing. Hence, you need to decide whether all pairings will be in the ratio of 1:1 or if you want the system to calculate the first pair in the ratio of 1:2 or 2:1. For more information, you can contact our customer support helpdesk.
  • Pair Match Amount - This is the amount that will be paid for each pair match. Depending on other values, our calculator will generate binary payouts to estimate the profit or loss of your business plan.
  • Maximum Pair Match - Since it is binary plan which goes to unlimited depth, you can limit maximum number of pairs that you want to pay in given time frame (daily, weekly or monthly). If the user hits the maximum pair match, the balance pairs will cancelled, which will add to your company’s profit.
  • Joining Cost or Registration Charges - This is the amount which you would want to collect for each registration.
  • Product or Service Cost - Here you can give the cost value of the product or service that you will be providing for each registered member.
  • Other Cost or Expenses - You can input any additional cost or expenses such as office expenses, courier charges, packaging cost, franchise commission or anything that you would spend for each registration.
  • Direct Referral or Sponsor Bonus - If you are giving any direct referral commission or sponsor bonus for each new registration, then you can input that value here or enter ZERO.
  • TDS Percentages - Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) is common in INDIA. However, it may or may not be applicable in your county. In simple terms, it is the tax that is deducted from commission and it is paid for government. If you are not sure about this value, you can enter ZERO.
  • Admin or Service Charge Percentage -  If you want to deduct any admin or service charge from each binary payout then you can mention that value here in percentage. Usually it is 5%. It is also known as processing charge or handling fee.

Once you enter the aforesaid details in our system, our binary calculator will generate the real time registrations and perform binary payouts for all registrations. You will be notified though mobile app and email once your business plan calculation is complete.



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If you are not satisfied with the calculations, our experts can help you with manual calculations of your business plan. We will ensure that your compensation plan is profitable and attractive.